1470 AED
Energize Your Day with ENERGY DRIP!

Experience a revolutionary energy solution with our latest dropper composition designed to fuel you throughout the day. The ENERGY DRIP is your ultimate fatigue and apathy fighter, swiftly revitalizing you and restoring your daily vitality. Crafted with a distinctive blend, this cocktail enhances your overall well-being, supercharges productivity, and uplifts your mood.

Key Benefits:

Renewed Vitality: Reclaim your strength and embrace a renewed vigor.
Enhanced Endurance: Boost your body's resilience and endurance.
Revitalized Sleep: Bid farewell to insomnia as your sleep patterns normalize.
Emotional Balance: Achieve a stabilized psycho-emotional state for a harmonious life.
Reclaim Youthfulness with NAD+ YOUTH MOLECULE COCKTAIL!

Experience a decade's transformation with the groundbreaking NAD+ YOUTH MOLECULE COCKTAIL. Unveil the fountain of youthful vitality by replenishing your NAD+ levels, which naturally decline as we age. Scientific research underscores the unparalleled prowess of NAD+ in safeguarding tissues, spurring DNA repair, and potentially extending lifespan. Our infusion empowers you to elevate NAD+ levels effectively, embarking on a journey toward enhanced well-being.

Unlock the Elixir of Youth:

Rejuvenated Vitality: Turn back the clock with a revitalized sense of vigor.
Crystal-Clear Cognition: Enhance mental acuity and mental sharpness.
Memory Mastery: Fortify memory function, combating Alzheimer's and dementia risks.
Cardiovascular Guardian: Arm yourself against cardiovascular challenges.
Triumph over Fatigue: Relieve chronic fatigue syndrome symptoms.
1470 AED
Revitalize Your Skin with COLLAGEN DRIP

Unveil the secret to skin rejuvenation and firmness with COLLAGEN DRIP – your passport to youthful radiance, minus the need for surgical or aesthetic interventions. Experience the marvel of Collagen Lifting, an innovative procedure designed to revitalize, fortify, and regenerate epidermal cells. This transformative dropper unveils tightened, toned, and deeply moisturized skin, granting it a resilient and youthful essence that emanates from within.

The Science of Revival:

Collagen Revival: Ignite collagen production, redefining your skin's youthful structure.
Elasticity Enhancement: Elevate your skin's suppleness and elasticity.
Radiant Health: Indulge in skin that glows with vibrant well-being.
Natural Brilliance: Unveil your skin's innate luminosity by banishing hyperpigmentation and oxidative stress through powerful antioxidants.
1386 AED
Revitalize with VITAMIN MIX IV DRIP

Combat the grip of cold, flu, or viruses head-on with the game-changing VITAMIN MIX IV DRIP. Crafted as an emergency response, this infusion is designed to swiftly restore your vitality and usher you back to wellness. Banish malaise, headaches, fever, and joint pain in a mere 40 minutes, and emerge from the session reinvigorated and ready to conquer.

Revolutionary Relief:

Vanquish Aches and Pains: Bid farewell to the discomfort of body aches and pains.
Breathe Easy: Experience enhanced respiratory ease as your breathing clears.
Recharge Your Energy: Ignite your inner reservoir of energy for renewed vibrancy.
Restore Work Mode: Regain your efficiency and productivity.
1890 AED
Unleash Your Potential with FAT BURNING IV DRIP

Introducing the revolutionary FAT BURNING IV DRIP, a bespoke formula meticulously designed to diminish fat mass. This supercharged dropper combines cutting-edge components that kickstart fat metabolism and accelerate their efficient expulsion from the body. Embark on a journey of quick weight reduction and elevated well-being, unlocking a newfound vitality.

Elevate Your Metabolism:

Empower Your Metabolic Fire: Ignite your metabolism for accelerated fat breakdown.
Optimal Metabolic Performance: Achieve metabolic harmony for sustained fat loss.
Inner Organ Harmony: Witness the harmonizing effect on your internal systems.
Bid Adieu to Excess Fat: Unlock the potential to shed unwanted body fat reserves.
Banish Bloat and Boost Vitality: Reclaim your vitality by eliminating bloating and poor health.
Cardiovascular Lightness: Alleviate the burden on your cardiovascular system.
1890 AED
Experience Total Revitalization with MYERS VITAMIN COCKTAIL DRIP

Welcome to the epitome of wellness at Hide Clinic, where the renowned Myers Vitamin Cocktail reigns supreme. This unparalleled concoction embodies the pinnacle of micronutrient synergy, offering respite from body fatigue, muscle pain, and inflammation. A journey with the Myers Cocktail promises enhanced body tone, swift recuperation from stress and exertion, and a comprehensive solution to ailments ranging from anxiety and fatigue to migraines and muscle pain.

Your Path to Renewed Wellness:

Amplified Energy and Vitality: Harness a surge of energy and vitality that radiates from within.
Rekindled Emotional Balance: Rediscover emotional equilibrium, transforming your outlook.
Fortified Immune Vigilance: Elevate immune defenses by an impressive 40% for unbeatable resilience.
Allergy Alleviation: Bid farewell to allergic reactions as you embark on a journey of wellness.
Radiant Skin: Witness the transformation of your skin's condition, a reflection of your inner health.
Liberation from Aches: Experience freedom from headaches and muscle pain.
Blood Pressure Harmony: Stabilize blood pressure, paving the way for holistic well-being.
1470 AED
Unleash Your Inner Power with IRON MAN DRIP

Unveil the revolutionary IRON MAN DRIP, a trailblazing solution designed to activate your body's adaptation mechanisms at the genetic level. This four-stage therapy stands as a beacon for athletes and those immersed in active living. In the face of relentless training and the demands of a high-energy lifestyle, cells often lose their energy reservoirs, leading to a decline in endurance and overall athletic prowess.

Elevate Your Vitality:

Ignite Energy Reserves: Replenish and elevate your energy levels to fuel your endeavors.
Heart Muscle Harmony: Provide unwavering support to your heart muscle, a core pillar of robust performance.
Defy Stress: Forge a heightened resistance to stress, bolstering your mental and physical fortitude.
1386 AED
Revitalize Your Triumphs with ATHLETE'S RECOVERY DRIP

Introducing the ultimate ATHLETE'S RECOVERY DRIP — your beacon of rapid recuperation post-competition or intense training sessions. This protocol embodies a revolutionary approach, triggering adaptation to physical stress at the cellular tier. Unlock newfound vigor and catapult yourself towards limitless athletic feats.

Elevate Your Revival:

Amplify Energy Reserves: Recharge your energy levels to fuel your athletic pursuits.
Unwind Stress: Dissipate stress with a specialized protocol designed for comprehensive recovery.
Heart Muscle Champion: Bolster your heart muscle, a linchpin of athletic prowess.
Uplifted Endurance: Elevate endurance by an astounding 30%, raising your competitive edge.
Accelerate Regeneration: Fast-track your body's regeneration process, accelerating recovery.
Soothe Muscle Aches: Relieve muscle pain and discomfort, welcoming a swift resurgence.
Ignite Collagen Production: Ignite collagen synthesis, a cornerstone of tissue repair and fortification.
1150 AED
Unleash Your Potential with ATHLETE'S PRIME DRIP

Introducing ATHLETE'S PRIME DRIP — the pinnacle of athletic preparation for those embracing active lifestyles. This groundbreaking four-step therapy stands as a testament to pioneering science, activating cellular-level adaptation to physical exertion. Elevate your endurance, amplify your metabolic processes, and conquer stress and strain, all while harnessing boundless energy for unparalleled athletic achievements.

Your Blueprint for Excellence:

Supercharged Endurance: Elevate your stamina to push the boundaries of your athletic prowess.
Accelerated Metabolism: Ignite metabolic processes, propelling you toward peak performance.
Conquer Stress and Strain: Embrace stress and strain with unwavering composure.
Boundless Energy: Replenish your energy reserves for feats of unprecedented greatness.
Mineral and Trace Element Harmony: Restore vital minerals and trace elements for holistic vitality.
1386 AED
Unveil Timeless Beauty with BEAUTY RENEWAL DRIP

Introducing BEAUTY RENEWAL DRIP — a veritable fountain of youth for your cells. Crafted with a symphony of phospholipids and B vitamins, this cocktail orchestrates a harmonious dance of tissue regeneration and nervous system activation. Experience a naturally orchestrated cosmetic rejuvenation for your body and the tranquility of serenity for your soul.

Elevate Your Radiance:

Amplify Skin Turgor: Elevate skin turgor to newfound heights, radiating vitality.
Lustrous Locks: Attain hair that gleams with a captivating brilliance.
Resilient Nails: Embrace nails that mirror your inner vitality.
Relinquish Stress: Unwind with stress reduction, a cornerstone of enduring beauty.
Radiate Good Mood: Bask in a perpetual state of good mood and vibrancy.
Surge of Vitality: Immerse yourself in a boundless burst of strength and vigor.
1420 AED
This enchanted cocktail brings together the formidable forces of glutathione, alpha-lipoic acid, and vitamin C, evoking the transformative touch of a benevolent fairy. With each droplet, you embark on a journey of rejuvenation that's both seen and felt, akin to a fairy-tale transformation.

A Tale of Transformation:

Collagen Synthesis Awakens: Witness a 20% surge in collagen synthesis, an anthem of youthful resilience.
Radiant Luminescence: Unveil skin that radiates with a captivating luminosity.
Immune Vigilance Fortified: Strengthen your immune system, arming yourself against life's challenges.
Liver Cell Cleansing: Embark on a detoxifying journey that cleanses liver cells from toxins.
Cholesterol and Lipid Balance: Navigate the seas of wellness with normalized cholesterol and lipid metabolism.
Slumber's Embrace: Experience the embrace of normalized sleep and the fading of stress.
1386 AED
Unleash Your Optimal Self with CARDIO SUPPORT IV DRIP

Step into the world of CARDIO SUPPORT IV DRIP — a cellular rejuvenation journey tailored exclusively for the male body. This anti-aging masterpiece reboots your essence, underpinned by a vitamin infusion that triggers tissue regeneration and ignites the nervous system.

Unlocking Your Prime:

Reinvigorated Cellular Youth: Witness a cellular renaissance that redefines your anti-aging journey.
Skin's Renewed Resilience: Elevate skin turgor by 1.5 times, infusing it with a newfound vitality.
Blood Vessels of Health: Embrace the well-being of healthy, robust blood vessels.
Vibrant Hair and Nails: Nourish your hair and nails for a lustrous and healthy appearance.
Stress's Retreat: Unwind as stress retreats, leaving tranquility in its wake.
Mood's Radiant Glow: Cultivate a perpetual state of good mood and vibrancy.
Surges of Energy and Vigor: Experience renewed energy, as vitality surges to the forefront.
1386 AED
Revitalize Your Essence with 3DETOX REVIVE DRIP

Introducing 3DETOX REVIVE DRIP — a gateway to toxin-free vitality. This infusion embodies a holistic approach to detoxification, orchestrating internal harmony and balanced metabolism. As it soothes the nervous system, your well-being flourishes. The culmination? Unveiled efficiency, stress resilience, and an exuberant mood.

Your Path to Renewal:

Detoxification Symphony: Immerse yourself in the cadence of detoxification, sweeping toxins away.
Metabolic Harmony: Witness metabolic equilibrium restored, invigorating your core.
Nervous System's Serenity: Embrace the tranquility of a soothed nervous system.
Inflammation's Retreat: Experience the soothing touch of anti-inflammatory prowess.
1386 AED
Elevate Your Mind with MEMORY BOOST IV DRIP

Introducing MEMORY BOOST IV DRIP — an orchestration of nootropic therapy that awakens cerebral circulation, enhances memory, and ignites rapid cognition. This infusion, enriched with a synergistic blend of B vitamins and mexidol, reinvigorates cerebral metabolism and bolsters brain blood supply, all while preventing platelet aggregation.

Your Path to Cognitive Brilliance:

Cognitive Amplification: Elevate cognitive function, a gateway to untapped brilliance.
Mind's Efficiency Ascends: Ignite mental efficiency, paving the way for agile thinking.
Information Perception Heightened: Embrace improved information perception, a hallmark of rapid cognition.
Sleep-Wake Balance: Stabilize your sleep-wake rhythm, nurturing vitality and clarity.
Emotions Enkindled: Elevate emotional well-being, cultivating an empowered mental landscape.
Stress's Retreat: Witness the gradual fade of stress, replaced by serenity and focus.
1470 AED

Introducing IGNITE IMMUNITY ULTIMATE DRIP — an elixir that reignites your immunity to full potency. Viruses launch multi-pronged attacks, targeting your respiratory system, blood vessels, nerves, digestion, and urinary tract. This infusion, "100% immunity," rekindles your body's reserve forces, resurrecting health post-virus, while safeguarding you against recurrences and repercussions. Reclaim your zest for life, invigorated and fortified.

Your Path to Unyielding Vigor:

Fatigue's Departure: Bid farewell to chronic fatigue, reclaiming vitality in abundance.
Breath of Ease: Embrace the disappearance of shortness of breath and palpitations.
Aches Relinquished: Relieve pain, welcoming comfort as your ally.
Senses Restored: Witness your sense of smell and taste resurrected, delighting in their return.
Triumph Over Despondency: Banish depressive disorders, cultivating a serene mental realm.
Temperature's Steady State: Witness the end of fluctuating body temperature, as equilibrium reigns.
Digestive Harmony: Relieve gastrointestinal woes, embracing balance and tranquility.
1470 AED
GUT REPAIR ELIXIR DRIP: Your Pathway to Digestive Revitalization

Introducing GUT REPAIR ELIXIR DRIP — a transformative elixir enriched with the dynamic duo of glutamine and folic acid, both essential for the journey towards improved digestion and a fortified gut lining. The L-glutamine within this infusion plays a pivotal role in the synthesis of mucoproteins, integral to the health of your gastrointestinal tract.

Your Voyage to Digestive Renewal:

Glutamine's Nurturing Embrace: Witness L-glutamine's nurturing touch as it supports mucoprotein synthesis in your GI tract.
Folic Acid's Fortification: Experience the fortification of folic acid, a vital ally in gut well-being.
1470 AED

Introducing DIABETIC WELLNESS INFUSION — a potent elixir designed to support individuals with diabetes, steering sugar levels towards an optimal range. Enriched with a high concentration of B vitamins, this infusion not only curbs the risk of peripheral neuropathy linked to diabetes but also ushers in holistic well-being. Furthermore, a potent dose of vitamin D serves as a shield against the intricate interplay of deficiency, obesity, and the risk of diabetes and metabolic disorders.

Your Voyage to Diabetic Harmony:

Sugar Levels in Balance: Experience the power of equilibrium as sugar levels find their optimal range.
Nerve Wellness: Witness the targeted support against peripheral neuropathy, an ally in your diabetic journey.
Vitamin D's Guard: Embrace the protective embrace of vitamin D, thwarting the synergy between deficiency, obesity, and diabetes risk.
1470 AED

Introducing FEMALE HARMONY ELIXIR DRIP — a nurturing elixir crafted to support the intricate balance within the female body. Enriched with a potent blend of vitamin-minerals and magnesium, this infusion stands as a cornerstone in your journey towards harmonizing hormones. From alleviating PMS and painful periods to addressing concerns of infertility, pregnancy, and weight, FEMALE HARMONY ELIXIR DRIP is your ally in embracing holistic well-being.

Your Path to Feminine Equilibrium:

Hormonal Symphony: Witness the power of balanced hormones as they weave a tapestry of well-being.

PMS Relief: Embrace relief from PMS, fostering comfort and ease.

Painful Periods Unveiled: Bid adieu to painful periods, welcoming serenity.

Fertility's Ally: Nurture fertility, ensuring your body's readiness for new beginnings.

Pregnancy's Support: Embrace support during pregnancy, a nurturing companion during this transformative phase.

Weight's Embrace: Navigate weight concerns with a touch of balance, embarking on a healthier journey.

1470 AED

Introducing ENDURANCE RENEWAL ELIXIR DRIP — a dynamic formula meticulously designed to combat chronic fatigue. Crafted with precision, this infusion propels energy levels skyward and grants relief from persistent exhaustion. By neutralizing the acidity stemming from hydrogen ion accumulation, it not only delays muscular fatigue but also amplifies the conversion of carbohydrates into vibrant energy.

Your Path to Enduring Vitality:

Energy's Resurgence: Experience a surge of energy, as vitality unfurls its wings.
Fatigue's Retreat: Bid adieu to chronic fatigue, as its hold gradually loosens.
Muscular Invigoration: Feel the vigor as muscular fatigue takes a backseat, letting you thrive.
Carb's Transformation: Witness the metamorphosis of carbohydrates into a vibrant source of energy.
1470 AED
HAIR REVIVE ELIXIR DRIP: Nurturing Tresses to Life

Introducing HAIR REVIVE ELIXIR DRIP — a bespoke infusion designed to breathe life into your hair, infusing it with a radiant gloss, vitality, and volume. This elixir stands as a dedicated ally in strengthening your locks and preventing hair loss. Enriched with essential vitamins and minerals, including the potent duo of B vitamins and zinc, this infusion stimulates hair growth, reigniting your mane's vibrancy.

Your Path to Lustrous Locks:

Glossy Resurgence: Witness your hair's gloss reawaken, embracing a renewed luster.
Health's Embrace: Nourish your hair with vitality, a testament to its renewed well-being.
Strength's Ally: Feel the strengthening embrace, as your locks garner resilience.
Hair Loss's Retreat: Bid farewell to hair loss concerns, fostering a fortified scalp.
Growth's Awakening: Experience the revival of hair growth, as locks bloom anew.
1470 AED
MUSCLE REVITALIZE ELIXIR DRIP: Sculpting Strength and Endurance

Introducing MUSCLE REVITALIZE ELIXIR DRIP — a potent formula meticulously crafted to reignite and fortify your muscles. Enriched with a spectrum of essential amino acids, this infusion stands as a beacon of muscle revitalization. It holds the power to reverse sarcopenia, enhancing strength and physical performance, while offering respite from oxidative stress induced by intense workouts. Additionally, it empowers you with heightened endurance, amplifying your physical prowess.

Your Path to Muscular Transformation:

Revitalized Resilience: Witness your muscles undergo a renaissance, embracing renewed strength and vitality.

Sarcopenia's Undoing: Bid farewell to the grasp of sarcopenia, ushering in a revitalized muscular landscape.

Endurance's Surge: Feel the surge of endurance coursing through your muscles, a testament to their newfound might.

Oxidative Relief: Experience a soothing relief from oxidative stress, rejuvenating your muscle tissues post-intense exercise.