Facial Cleansing
500 AED
A complex of procedures for skin care, providing its cleansing from keratinized cells, excess skin fat and all kinds of impurities, as well as clogged sebaceous glands.
Ultrasonic Cleansing
500 AED
Ultrasonic cleansing (complex) - ultrasound penetrates deep into the skin layers, "knocking out" particles of dirt, excess fat and sloughing off keratinized cells of the upper layers of the epidermis. As a result, the complexion improves, black spots disappear, skin relief is evened out, sebum function is regulated, skin elasticity and moisturizing is increased.
Combined Facial Cleansing
500 AED
Combined facial cleansing - is a combination of two separate types of cleansing, mechanical and hardware (hands and ultrasonic paddle). It is quite an effective way to deal with various skin problems.
Peel PRX-T33
500 AED
The PRX-T33 peeling allows you to cleanse your skin painlessly, shorten your recovery period, and minimize the effects of deep cleansing. With it, you can rejuvenate and cleanse your skin without feeling uncomfortable.
B-Tox Peel
500 AED
B-tox Peel - Within 48-52 hours, natural SiliTox nanomicro sea needles resorb in the epidermis and dermis and start the process of skin renewal from within. By stimulating capillary circulation, B-Tox Peel activates detoxification, promotes cell division, thickens the skin layers and lightens age spots. The dead skin is removed from the pores, promoting skin regeneration.
Spiculen 72-Hours Renewal
500 AED
Spiculen-72 renewal and detox - effectively reduce acne and other rashes, break up scars and remove post-acne marks. They help to remove increased pigmentation, even out tone, get rid of unwanted freckles, congestion, dull complexion, under-eye circles.
Ritual "Go Out"
500 AED
For those who want to refresh their skin in 20 minutes.
1 - facial cleansing with mousse
2 - exfoliating scrub
3 - finishing cream
Vacuum Hydropiling
500 AED
This treatment is from the field of apparatus cosmetology. It provides deep cleansing and intensive hydration of the skin, as well as anti-aging care for your face in one treatment.
RF Lifting
500 AED
This is an apparatus cosmetology procedure aimed at deep heating of the skin to produce new collagen.
RF-Face Lifting
500 AED
Radiofrequency RF-lifting is a minimally invasive apparatus method of facelift, which allows you to cope with wrinkles, uneven color, scars, pigmentation and vascular defects.
Almond peeling 40%
500 AED
A type of chemical peel with almond acid as its main active ingredient. (Almond acid destroys dead cells, regenerating the upper layers of the epidermis) Allows you to cope with various problems such as inflammation, unevenness, fine lines, pigmentation.
Yellow Peeling
500 AED
A midline chemical peel (a procedure that affects the epidermis along the entire thickness of the stratum corneum), the active ingredient of which is retinol.
Peels are performed at a young age to treat acne and comedones, post-acne and scars, or to normalize the oiliness of the skin. But it is people over 30 who need this procedure the most. The face is visibly rejuvenated after the yellow peel even after one treatment.
Carbon Peeling
500 AED
An innovative variant of laser skin cleansing. The peculiarities of the procedure are the application of a special gel mask with nanoparticles of carbon dioxide in its composition. This procedure is delicate, especially for oily skin.
Face Darsovalization
500 AED
Darsovalization of the face:
- Activates the synthesis of your own hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin;
- Normalizes the sebaceous glands;
- Removed minor defects - acne, acne, the first age and expression lines;
- Thanks to the improvement of the skin, provides a healthy complexion;
- Improve the elasticity and elasticity of the skin.
(D'Arsonval apparatus has a beneficial effect on the skin, stimulates metabolic processes in the epidermis, accelerates blood flow, saturating tissues with oxygen, and eliminates swelling and inflammatory processes, increases skin elasticity, has an anti-inflammatory effect)
Scalp Darsovalization
500 AED
Darsovalization of the scalp is a treatment of the skin with microcurrents to stimulate blood circulation and antiseptic action.
Ultrasonic Peeling
500 AED
Ultrasonic peeling is an atraumatic method of cleansing the skin, as well as exfoliating dead cells of the stratum corneum.
Oxygen Mesotherapy
500 AED
Oxygen mesotherapy is the treatment of the desired skin area with a high-pressure oxygen blast.
Which has the following effects:
1. Increased microcirculation of blood.
2. Awakening of natural metabolic processes in the skin.
3. Acceleration of regeneration of new epithelial cells.
4. Lifting effect.

This therapy helps to activate metabolic processes, accelerate cell regeneration and improve penetration of mesotherapeutic cocktails into the deep layers of the epidermis.
Salicylic Peeling
500 AED
Thanks to salicylic peeling skin looks more youthful and even, and the complexion is healthy, the sebaceous glands work properly.
500 AED
Phonophoresis is a procedure in which medications are injected into the skin using ultrasound.
It also:
- stimulates blood circulation and metabolic processes;
- Increases the effect of drugs;
- Accelerates the process of regeneration of the skin.
Facial CO2 Therapy
500 AED
Facial carboxytherapy is a technique in which carbon dioxide is injected into the dermis. CO2 stimulates the expansion of blood vessels and blood flow to the skin, which is accompanied by removal of toxins, increased synthesis of intercellular matrix components.