Care Program
500 AED
- Total facial cleansing (mechanical + ultrasonic)
- Soothing care (alginate mask + nourishing serum)
- Aselaine care (procedure of superficial skin exfoliation with azelaic acid)
- Salicylic peeling (it is a universal and very popular method that allows to remove the outer layer of epidermis, whiten the skin and remove its defects without touching healthy cells)
- LED therapy (applying different-length rays for positive results on the face and treating some skin conditions)
- Phonophoresis (procedure for introducing active components of cosmetic or medical preparations into deep layers of the skin under the effect of high-frequency ultrasound)
- Fractional Anti-acne treatment (subcutaneous injection of individually selected serum)
- Darsonvalization
(skin exposure to high-frequency alternating currents)
Care Program
500 AED
- Ultrasonic peeling
- Hydropiling
- "Tok-Sen" massage
- Dermadrop
- Care "skin shining"
- Care "relax"
- LED therapy
- Procedure "Velvet hands"
Care Program
500 AED
- Boukal massage
- CMAS massage
- Fractional mesotherapy

- RF facial lifting

- Anti age care

Care Program
500 AED
- Cavitation
- Facial RF-lifting
- Lymphatic drainage massage
- Lipolytics
- Drenator
- Beauty forever care