B.B Glow Rejuvenation
500 AED
It is a revolutionary non-invasive, next-generation facial developed in South Korea.
The goal of the procedure is to even out and improve the complexion, conceal minor skin imperfections, and give a foundation effect that can last up to a year.
Complex C
(Anti pigmentation)
500 AED
It stimulates the production of collagen in the skin and fights the signs of skin aging.
The treatment is indispensable in anti-aging skin care, against age spots, in the fight against unevenness and thickening of the skin.
Complex Against Dark Circles Under The Eyes
500 AED
The application of active ingredients to the skin. Then it is treated by hardware, so that the components of the mesococktail penetrate deeply into the skin. dark circles under the eyes and pigmented spots are lightened, the look of a tired face disappears.