Greeting Ceremony
500 AED
Welcome Ceremony - includes:
1 - mousse cleansing (washing with foam)
2 - peel-and-scrub (application of a mask followed by rolling off the face)
3 - IQ serum (application of active ingredients to the face to moisturize)
4 - IQ Mask (alginate mask for better absorption of the previous products)
5 - LED therapy (treatment of the skin with light of different colors, depending on the problem)
6 - Final IQ cream (application of a cream that closes the treatment)
Beauty Forever
500 AED
The care is suitable for those people who want to refresh their facial tone, cleanse their pores, fill the skin with moisturizing components and brighten the tissues. As a result, your face will feel and look rested. The procedure consists of several stages:

1 - Cleansing the face with a mousse (foam wash)
2 - Application of gel to open the pores (conventional methods of steaming the skin to open the pores can not be used in a number of diseases. A special gel does not have these restrictions).
3 - Superficial ultrasonic face cleansing (helps remove keratinized cells, removes surface impurities and minimizes sebum accumulation)
4 - Scaling peeling (application of a mask and subsequent rolling away of the face)
5 - Serum application (application of active ingredients for moisturizing the face)
6 - Phonophoresis (injection of drugs into the skin with ultrasound)
7 - Alginate face mask (for better absorption of the previous products)
8 - Finishing cream (application of cream to close the procedure)
500 AED
This treatment is aimed at relaxing the facial muscles and maintaining skin tone. The session takes place in three stages:
1 - facial cleansing with mousse
2 - light massage
3 - finishing cream
500 AED
The procedure is designed for those who need to refresh the appearance of the face in 30 minutes.
It includes:
1 - facial cleansing with a mousse
2 - peeling
3 - skin brightening serum
4 - finishing cream
Velvet Hands
500 AED
You will get velvety skin on your hands and a pleasant sensation from the procedure.
Conducting the session:
1 - applying cream to the hands
2 - scrubbing hands with warm towels
3 - light finger massage
4 - finishing cream
500 AED
Oxygenation of the skin with the active ingredients of the serum.
1 - facial cleansing with mousse
2 - oxygen spray with serum
3 - mask application
4 - finishing cream
Face Care "Anti-Age"
500 AED
This care is aimed at solving the problems of premature aging of the skin.
It includes:
1 - facial cleansing with a mousse
2 - hydropeeling
3 - application of Anti-age serum
4 - concluding cream