Classical Facial Massage
500 AED
Massage the facial muscles to maintain their tone - to extend the youthfulness of the face.
Buccal Massage
500 AED
This massage has incredible results. It provides skin lifting, promotes weight loss, and helps tone facial muscles.
The uniqueness of this technique is that the specialist works the muscle fibers and skin of the patient's face through the oral cavity.
Plastifying Massage
500 AED
The massage is aimed at restoring the muscular architecture of the face, which loses its clear shape with age.
Lymph Drainage Massage
500 AED
The treatment helps to remove fine lines and cellulite and has a revitalizing effect.
Depending on the problem, the massage can be superficial (capillary massage), projection massage (lymph node massage) and deep massage (therapeutic massage for special indications).
Posture Alignment Massage
500 AED
Posture alignment involves working on the muscular corset, working on the muscularly connected column of the spine, and eliminating clamps/triggers. Followed by the elimination of signs of scoliosis/lordosis/kyphosis.