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Get a direct infusion of essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Perfect for those times when your body needs a nutritional pick-me-up, our IV therapy delivers the goodness you need, when you need it
Biohacking - is the main focus of our clinic. It combines a high level of professionalism and premium service approach.
IV therapy is a method of delivering fluids, medications, and nutrients directly into the bloodstream through a vein. This allows for quick and efficient delivery of the desired substances to the body, bypassing the gastrointestinal tract. IV therapy can be beneficial for people with chronic illnesses, for athletes recovering from hard training, and for those who simply want to improve their overall health and well-being.
About Drips
We use the most modern and proven equipment.
Rest easy knowing our skilled healthcare professionals are dedicated to your safety and well-being. Your IV therapy experience will be seamless, comfortable, and closely monitored.
Private space for everyone
Club format implies individual approach and absolute confidentiality of our guests.
Doctors of our clinic are specialists of the highest category.
Continuous professional development. Staff certifications
  • Gokhan Metin
    Hair Transplant Surgery

    Gokhan Metin was born in Istanbul in 1984.
    Between 2008 and 2013 he studied at Arel University, specializing in anaesthesia.

    After graduating, he continued his education at Hacettepe University, Faculty of Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery.

    Starting in 2015, he performed countless successful hair transplant procedures.

    In 2016, he joined Norwood Hair Transplant Clinic.

    For 7 years now. this amazing partnership has given chance for thousands of patients to achieve amazing results.
  • Jamil Gulaliev
    Broad-Spectrum Dermatologist

    Dermatologist, MD, PhD.

    Graduated in 2010 from the Medical University in Baku

    In 2012 completed a residency in specialty dermatology at N.I. Pirogov Russian National Research Institute of Medical Sciences (Moscow).

    В 2015. Postgraduate studies at N.I. Pirogov Russian National Research Institute of Medical Sciences (Moscow)

    Defended the degree of Candidate of Medical Sciences at N.I. Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University.

    In 2021 moved to Dubai, licensed as a specialist by the Dubai Ministry of Health (DHA).

  • Bio Saniya
    Cosmetologist & Skincare Therapist

    Bachelor's degree in Biology science Baku State University (Azerbaijan)
    At the same time additional education: A Cosmetology Diploma from the Azerbaijan National University of Medical Knowledge

    Skincare specialist with more than 15 years experience.
    Worked as a cosmetologist, skin care therapist, and trainer In Baku (Azerbaijan), Moscow (Russia), and Dubai (UAE)

    Skincare & Beauty Therapy Trainer
    CIBTAC International Cosmetology Diploma
    DHA Licensed Beauty Therapist
    NCLC Laser Certified therapist
  • Malini Nunna
    Licensed Laser Technician

    Have 2 years of experience performing hair removal for all skin types and also specializing in Icoon laser therapy which can make miraculous results in cellulite, anti-aging, remodeling, tissue firming, face and breast lifting, light legs, and body contouring.
Why IV Therapy:
Dive into the world of Intravenous (IV) Therapy and unearth a treasure trove of benefits that will revolutionize your health journey!
Say goodbye to dehydration.
Maximum saturation of the body with vitamins and minerals.
The rapid action of the drip on the body.
Broad variety of drips for different needs of the body.
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Our Clients Love Us
  • Good luck in the market of aesthetics, beauty and health! I am grateful for the meeting with Gavkhar and the coffee kindly provided by the administrator, who cheered me up and filled me with the aroma of positivity! Sincerely, Fedor Fedotov!
    Farrel Gulierm
  • Good afternoon I did lip contouring in this clinic. Very pleased with the result, it turned out the way I wanted. Thanks to the staff, polite, competent and qualified.
    Alex Larkins
  • Age on the face began to appear pigment spots. I could not fight them on my own - there was no time and I was afraid to make things worse. After visiting the clinic, the problem was solved quickly and without the slightest discomfort. Of course, I had to visit the clinic several times, because it was impossible to remove the stains the first time. Thanks to the doctors for their professionalism.
    Samuel Willson
  • I had a separation procedure. I first heard about her already at the reception. I was worried. That will be very painful and there will be bruises. But it turned out. That the procedure is very effective for acne. And quite bearable. The procedure went great. I recommend. And I myself will definitely repeat it in 10 days as recommended by the doctor.
    Sarah Lewin
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